About G4G Ministries

G4G Ministries Inc. is a faith based, non-profit ministry in North Carolina. Grill 4 God Ministries is committed to glorifying our awesome God by serving and ministering to those in need physically and spiritually with our mobile grilling and ministry impact team.

In 2008 employees from Holland Transfer Company in Statesville, NC borrowed a grill and went to a local men’s shelter to cook and fellowship alongside them. At this event, one of the residents told a volunteer “I didn’t think anyone cared about us… thank you.” It was decided that day there was a need and it was our calling to “fill it” physically and spiritually.

In 2009, the opportunity arose for Grill for God to purchase a professional pull-behind grill and a van. After purchasing these two essential items, we created and tested our special grilled chicken recipe through feeding employees of the Harvey Holdings Inc. companies. A few weeks later, the recipe was tested again at a yard sale to raise funds for the Harvey Holdings ministry team. The feedback was unanimous: the grilled chicken recipe truly was SPECIAL! 

In 2010, G4G Ministries Inc. was granted nonprofit status. This meant that all donations made to G4G Ministries would be considered tax deductible. G4G’s nonprofit status opened countless doors and allowed for partnerships across Iredell County and beyond.

In 2011, G4G Ministries hired their first full-time paid employee. The first Executive Director was hired to oversee and continue developing the ministry.

Now, we look back in gratitude at all the Lord has provided over the past twelve years. His hand has been amidst this ministry since our first days. We know, without a doubt, that the Lord has called us to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ by physically feeding their bodies, serving them spiritually, and creating lasting relationships with many individuals we encounter.