Blown away (almost literally) by our Spring Chicken Fundraiser! 4/4/14

This past Friday April 4th Grill 4 God had its first annual Spring Chicken Fundraiser! Since this was the first year, my goal was to sell 100 plates. I was happy with that goal, and even a bit worried that 100 plates would be hard to reach. This was a moment in my life that God chose to show just how much bigger He is than my goals. From the very beginning I prayed about this, I so desperately wanted this to be a successful event for this ministry.

The week before the fundraiser a company called 3A Composites placed an order for 81 plates! (One company alone almost blew my goal out of the water.) I started to get orders left and right, and the final count of plates purchased before hand was all the way up to 250! I was so blown away by the amount of support for this event. Just when I thought God was done blessing us, we ended up selling over 350 plates and raising a total of $1,559 for the ministry!

God simply wants us to put 100% of our trust in Him. Time after time He proves that He is faithful, just, and has the ability to take care of our every need. Time and time again I doubt him and try my best to ‘help’ Him, as if he really needs help. This is just one of the one thousand examples in my life where I hope for one thing, and then I put my trust in the One and Only God and He completely blows my vision out of the water by replacing it with something even better.

That’s all He wants to do, that’s why He came to die. To take our vision of this grand, fulfilling, satisfying dream of a life that we have and blow it out of the water with a life that we cant even begin to imagine. He just asks us to trust him. His word says clearly, seek Me first and I’ll take care of everything else. Its something I think as humans we cant understand because we see life through our experiences and because of this fallen, broken world trust does not come easy for most of us, especially myself. But when you let go and let God you’ll find that your not alone in anything that you have to accomplish.

The money that we raised will provide meals to over 430 people! Talk about a blessing!

Is there something in your life that your worried about? Try letting it go and trusting that God not only can, but will take care of you!


~ Sandy

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the companies/people who ordered chicken plates from us! We appreciate all of your support~!


HUGE THANK YOU to my Volunteers!!

Jerome Petteway
Maurice Roseboro
Jason Daye
Emily Deane
Ashley Souther
Amber Waugh
Jessi Stikeleather
Tamara Sherrill
Jennifer Marion
Naranda Hodges
Lydia Brotherton
Gene Kaiser
Tongreia Norman