Hope’s Wings Event 5/30/14

We had a blast preparing and serving plates for a fundraiser for Hopes Wings mission. The weather was nice and warm and the volunteers were plenty. It was so nice to partner with a fellow nonprofit in our community. We are so much stronger when we come together, then when we try to do everything alone. That’s why God compares the church to a Body (body of Christ).

In a body you have hands, feet, legs, eyes, toes, arms and they are all needed to operate efficiently. No one part is more important than the other, it just specializes in a different job. We came together today to help this organization continue to provide support services and outreach programs to local cancer patients, their caregivers and families.

What are some ways you could partner with an organization in your community? Here at G4G we are always looking for ways to partner with others because we can do twice the good together as we could alone!

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