Ed’s Story

At G4G Ministries Inc., we feel called and equipped to feed individuals living in poverty and food scarcity. While the Lord’s hand is in every action, there are times in which we see our Heavenly Father at work in mighty ways. It is in these moments the Father stops us in our tracks and forces us to recognize the incomparable love and care He has for His children.

In November of this year, we served the community at Compare Foods on Front Street located in the heart of Statesville. While serving, one of our faithful volunteers met a very special individual who goes by “Ed.”

Our G4G volunteer walked over to a nearby motel where he met disabled individuals with warm plates of grilled chicken, coleslaw, beans, bread, and homemade dessert. It was there, he found Ed. Ed was disabled and unable to walk without assistance. Additionally, Ed had been fighting a longstanding battle of addiction.

Engineered by the hand of our Father, G4G Ministries Inc. shared parking lot space with another ministry that Saturday: Recovering Soldiers Ministries. RSM operates with the mission “to funnel broken men and women whose lives have been stolen by addiction into faith-based recovery centers where they are mended by Christ; having the chains of their addictions broken.”

Over a plate of grilled chicken, our volunteer spoke with Ed about the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. It was in his motel room that Ed made the decision to surrender his life over to Christ.

Since that Saturday in November, Ed has been to a detox center and is doing well. He is leaning into the Lord and continuing to pursue a sober life.

I love our Father’s heart. I love that He calls each of His children to serve alongside Him, regardless of our past, our baggage, our humanity, and our wandering hearts. I love that throughout scripture, the Lord redeems the most broken of humans and commands them to follow Him. And I love that he calls us His.