We were the Hands and Feet that got to be a part of Feeding 2000 people!

Hopewell Baptist has a backpack ministry, and they provide backpacks with age-appropriate school supplies to children (k-12) as they prepare to begin a new school year. Everyone at this event will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and respond.

We had the awesome opportunity to provide meals for everyone who attended! All who served were blessed and we were so grateful for the opportunity!

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“What’s Up Doc?”

When I was a little girl (and even now) I would dread going to the doctor. I can’t give a valid reason as to why I didn’t like it, all I know is that even to this day I am willing to try almost every ‘at-home’ remedy before I would surrender and call the doctor who knew exactly what was wrong and would make me better in no time.

My whole life it has never crossed my mind that I could reach a point where I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to a Doctor, or to have insurance.

We served over 230 people at Open Door Ministries of High Point and we partnered with a program from Wake Forest ‘DEAC.’ (Delivering Equal Access to Care.) Medical Students from Wake came out and provided free health screenings, blood pressure checks, and lots of basic check ups that some of them haven’t had in a long time.

It was such a blessing to me as they were coming out to get their food they were bragging “Guess what?!? They said I am healthy, my sugar is good!” They were so grateful for the doctors.

Someone once said “You don’t know what cha got till it’s gone” and I believe that is so true. I take for granted being able to choose what I want to eat for every meal, to deny seconds because I believe the food will be there tomorrow, affording my own personal transportation, having the ability to see any doctor that I may need to see and so much more.

Today as you are reading this, my prayer for you is that you would never lose the wonder… Be still dear one and know that God is God. Have a grateful heart daily for even the smallest necessitates to the biggest joys. Find something to be thankful for in every circumstance because everything can change in a blink of an eye. I hope that you are blessed from reading this and I pray that you would have a week full of lots to be thankful for!


Hope’s Wings Event 5/30/14

We had a blast preparing and serving plates for a fundraiser for Hopes Wings mission. The weather was nice and warm and the volunteers were plenty. It was so nice to partner with a fellow nonprofit in our community. We are so much stronger when we come together, then when we try to do everything alone. That’s why God compares the church to a Body (body of Christ).

In a body you have hands, feet, legs, eyes, toes, arms and they are all needed to operate efficiently. No one part is more important than the other, it just specializes in a different job. We came together today to help this organization continue to provide support services and outreach programs to local cancer patients, their caregivers and families.

What are some ways you could partner with an organization in your community? Here at G4G we are always looking for ways to partner with others because we can do twice the good together as we could alone!

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Blown away (almost literally) by our Spring Chicken Fundraiser! 4/4/14

This past Friday April 4th Grill 4 God had its first annual Spring Chicken Fundraiser! Since this was the first year, my goal was to sell 100 plates. I was happy with that goal, and even a bit worried that 100 plates would be hard to reach. This was a moment in my life that God chose to show just how much bigger He is than my goals. From the very beginning I prayed about this, I so desperately wanted this to be a successful event for this ministry.

The week before the fundraiser a company called 3A Composites placed an order for 81 plates! (One company alone almost blew my goal out of the water.) I started to get orders left and right, and the final count of plates purchased before hand was all the way up to 250! I was so blown away by the amount of support for this event. Just when I thought God was done blessing us, we ended up selling over 350 plates and raising a total of $1,559 for the ministry!

God simply wants us to put 100% of our trust in Him. Time after time He proves that He is faithful, just, and has the ability to take care of our every need. Time and time again I doubt him and try my best to ‘help’ Him, as if he really needs help. This is just one of the one thousand examples in my life where I hope for one thing, and then I put my trust in the One and Only God and He completely blows my vision out of the water by replacing it with something even better.

That’s all He wants to do, that’s why He came to die. To take our vision of this grand, fulfilling, satisfying dream of a life that we have and blow it out of the water with a life that we cant even begin to imagine. He just asks us to trust him. His word says clearly, seek Me first and I’ll take care of everything else. Its something I think as humans we cant understand because we see life through our experiences and because of this fallen, broken world trust does not come easy for most of us, especially myself. But when you let go and let God you’ll find that your not alone in anything that you have to accomplish.

The money that we raised will provide meals to over 430 people! Talk about a blessing!

Is there something in your life that your worried about? Try letting it go and trusting that God not only can, but will take care of you!


~ Sandy

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the companies/people who ordered chicken plates from us! We appreciate all of your support~!


HUGE THANK YOU to my Volunteers!!

Jerome Petteway
Maurice Roseboro
Jason Daye
Emily Deane
Ashley Souther
Amber Waugh
Jessi Stikeleather
Tamara Sherrill
Jennifer Marion
Naranda Hodges
Lydia Brotherton
Gene Kaiser
Tongreia Norman


YokeFellow Ministries 2-22-14

God provided the most beautiful weather Saturday for G4G’s first event of 2014. The sun was shining, and the smoke from our grill filled the entire area. People were lined up and waiting on a meal. We were so blessed to serve almost 200 wonderful people. Our volunteers showed up with serving hearts ready to work for the Lord, and it went so smoothly. I just want thank all of the people who prayed for our event, as well as our wonderful volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you! God Bless!


‘Is there any food left?’ Custom Pallet, Genesis One Ministries 11/16/13

I just want to thank all of you who prayed for our event this past Saturday, it was certain that God was present. A lot of times when G4G goes out to cook we say, “If we touch just one person’s life we have done what we came here to do.”

That happened Saturday for me personally and I want to take the time to share with all of you. We had just finished packing up and we were getting ready to leave. There were a few chickens that we didn’t cut that were packed up as well and just as we were saying our goodbyes to all of the wonderful volunteers that came out, this little girl came riding up on her bike with her brother running right beside her. When they had reached us they were out of breath and in their soft sweet voices they said “Is there any food left?” We reached in the truck and gave them a whole chicken.. (You should have seen their faces! Priceless). My heart was overfilled with joy and it was in that moment that I felt God say, “If you reach one person, one family, for Me you have done what you came to do.”



Java Journey 8-24-2013

Grill 4 God traveled up the street to Hickory NC where we grilled for a Non Profit Coffee Shop called Java Journey. God provided us with the absolute best grilling weather possible and we were all ready to serve! Our grill team and servers all welcomed this opportunity with giving hearts and cheerful spirits and I would like to think that we were all so blessed just by being there, not to mention we had some fun considering I brought breakfast and coffee to the grill team (even though we were cooking for a coffee shop! blonde moment!) But it’s in those little quirky moments that I think God teaches me the best lessons.

Oftentimes in life we get worried that God isn’t going to provide or that He may provide but just not enough so we want to be prepared just in case He doesn’t come through only to realize once we get to where we need to be He came through way more than we alone would ever be able to.  We can’t see the big picture like He can and sometimes that makes it hard to trust Him (even though it’s God!)

But just remember this: “For I know the Plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Just something to ponder as you have your morning coffee!



Shiloh AME Zion Backpack Ministry Event 8/17/2013

We decided to take the Backpack Ministry Idea from Hopewell and have our own little backpack ministry here in Statesville! We partnered with a Church who knew where the need was and together we had an awesome day for the Lord! Children got Backpacks, families got fed some Delicious chicken and people from all over the community came out such as the police department, the Chick-Fil-A cow and some fire fighters! It was a day full of blessings and Grill for God was so happy they could be a part of serving the Lord right here at home! Not to mention the amazing companies that came alongside of us and donated the Chicken and the Slaw!

Hopewell Baptist Backpack ministry event! 8/10/2013

Back pack ministry event

Click on the link above to watch an awe-inspiring video of how Grill for God was able to be a part of something that touched so many children and their families. What a special day and 78 people received Jesus into their hearts. After all that is what is it all about, having people come to the Lord. If we reach just one we have done what we came to do, it was a great day full of grateful hearts!

3rd Annual Golf Tournament!

G4G Ministries 3rd annual Golf Tournament is approaching quickly! I hope that you are registered to play! There will be many things offered this year that will make your experience all the more wonderful!


Just to highlight a few…

You will be provided with lunch AND dinner. (Additional dinners only $10 each!!)

This year we are having a Hole in One contest and you have a chance to win big!!

We will have some amazing sponsors that will bring lots of fun with them.


What a great way to spend your Friday afternoon right?

Check out the attached form and Register Today!!!